Down 0-2, Sharks Must Dig Deep

I have been very very very optimistic and laid back during this season’s playoff run. Why? Because in years past I became obsessive and I am sure it took days off of my life. The way the Sharks have looked against Chicago, I figure I need to live as long as possible or else I might never been around to witness the teal lift the cup.

Unlike years past, I have invested way too much of myself into Sharks teams that have given glimmers of hope and potential flames of excitement. Last year San Jose cruised into the post season expecting to be given the key to the second round. What happened? We got mauled by an eight seeded Anaheim team that simply wanted it more.
This season however has looked much different than prior years. The Sharks were challenged in the first round, by none other than themselves. They overcame their biggest opponent thus far, each other and battled hard to win a tough series against an inferior Colorado team. Mission #1 accomplished.

Then the Sharks ran into arguably the hottest team in the NHL in Detroit. The Red Wings had all the momentum, as well as all of the NHL insiders picking them in seven, some even in six games. What did the Sharks do? They battled and outplayed Detroit in all aspects of the game. Even strength, special teams, you name it. The Sharks battled for four of the five games (I like to forget the murder game) and once again proved to the doubters that this was not the same Sharks team of years past. That maybe this team was special……….

And that puts us to today. The Sharks stand down 0-2 to a Chicago team that looks faster, stronger, and simply more determined than San Jose. What happened to the team we all witnessed the first two rounds of the playoffs?
I am hoping they show up in game three. Their backs are against the wall, and the way things went against Colorado, I think they like it like that. Championship teams go through adversity and hard ships. It builds character and strength. It is what makes having your name etched on the Stanley Cup worth it at the very end. If the Sharks can dig deep and somehow come out in game three with a passion to prove to the rest of the NHL that they are not quite finished, then god forbid we might have an interesting series on our hands.

Mike Landolina

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