Ryane Clowe Might Break His Hand on Tim Jackman's Jaw Tonight

Tim Jackman of the Calgary Flames is going to get his tail kicked tonight by our own Ryane Clowe, and that’s just the bottom line.  I’m calling it.  There’s some unfinished business that needs to be settled tonight at the Shark Tank, and it’s just the type of spark the San Jose Sharks could use to break the recent malaise…so let’s get it on.

Clowey would take on three Tony Twist clones at once.  So, if you think some guy named Tim Jackman is scary, a guy with a name more fitting of some Tommy Bahama shirt wearing chap who runs wine tours in Napa versus a hockey player?…yeah, forget it.

Last time Ryane and Tim got together, the bout was a slight edge to Clowey, but both men would probably agree it never really got off the ground.

Judge for yourself…

Clowe gets a solid grip in early with the left, and uses some nice left jabs, which kept Jackman off balance.  Unfortunately, Clowey’s haymaker uppercuts never landed, and the scrap turned into more of a spinning grapple-fest versus  a fight.

The Flames games always seem to play out like playoff tilts, and they like to establish the physical aspect early with teams.  They are not as good a team as they have been in the past, but are happy to take it to the rival Sharks and shouldn’t be underestimated.

A well-timed butt kicking by the Sharks would be a nice way to get the alpha position tonight, and I’m looking forward to watching Jackman on his back.  Of course, if Jerome Iginla wants to GO with Ryane Clowe again as he has in the past?

Well…the only one that will be smiling wider than myself, will be Clowey himself.


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