Calgary Flames Doused by Sharks "Fox Force Three" Line

I was tempted to call them the “Could-Be-A-Hot-Chick-Name” line in honor of the Legend.

At least, that was the first tag line that came to mind when I was trying to honor the San Jose Sharks‘ line of Joe Pavelski, Ryane Clowe and Logan Couture. Especially Logan “Juicy” Couture–I mean, he could be a Bond girl with that handle…or am I thinking of Dany Heatley?

Nevermind, this is getting a little weird.

Couture, Clowe and Pavelski combined for 9 points last night, with each notching a goal and two assists. The line that usually plays junior to the HOF line of Joe Thornton, Dany Heatley and Patrick Marleau most nights, played second fiddle to nobody last night and absolutely dominated the Calgary Flames in a 4-3 win.

They came to rink yesterday as just Pavs, Clowey and Juicy, and they left the Shark Tank last night as “Fox Force Three”,  a line for justice comprised of three players, individually unassuming…but absolutely deadly in their own way.

The game started out with some familiar faces as Joe Thornton scored on a power play goal after about 70 seconds had transpired. Jumbo executed a sweet wrister off a solid feed by Jason Demers and the Sharks were on the board.

With that out of the way, enter “Fox Force Three”.

Ryane Clowe — Specialty: Demolitions Expert

About halfway through the first period, Clowe started a breakout play, then blew through a couple of would-be Flame forecheckers before eventually receiving a feed from Joe Pavelski. Clowe grabbed the puck, wound up just beyond the left face off circle and rocketed it past Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff to put the Sharks up 2-0.

After the Flames scored on the power play to open the second period, the Sharks answer would come from the second member of “Fox Force Three”, a humble man from the Badger State.

Joe Pavelski — Specialties: Photographic Memory & Backhanders

Pavs received the puck from his FF3 linemate Ryane Clowe, and had his first shot deftly turned aside by Kiprusoff. The following plump rebound was not so lucky, and Pavelski put a nice backhand finish past Kipper for a Sharks 3-1 lead.

The third period saw the Flames again get on the board, cutting the lead to a one goal margin when Jay Bouwmeester put a wrist shot past Antti Niemi.  Hopes for a Flames comeback would take another hit when the third member of “Fox Force Three” decided to get on the board.

Logan “Juicy” Couture — Specialties: Playmaker & Twitter Savant

The youngest member of FF3 was playing angry all night, mostly because of Devin Setoguchi‘s ability to almost securing more twitter followers than Logan had, even though Seto’s twitter account was maybe 48 hours old. Good news was Couture did have more followers than Ryane Clowe, though it turned out Clowey’s twitter account was actually a fake (Fear the Fin exposes fraud!) proving that there are truly some sad, lonely people out there.

Regardless, Couture channeled his anger, snagged a perfect feed from Clowe, and beat Kiprusoff to log the Sharks’ fourth goal of the night and the “Fox Force Three” trifecta was complete.

A late goal by Jarome Iginla couldn’t spoil the party, and led by the FF3, the San Jose Sharks held off the Calgary Flames to win for their third time in their last four games.

Three men with three “could-be-a-hot-chick” names equaling three goals scored and a burgeoning legend.

More to come from this trio, count on it.


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