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Ryane Clowe Picking Up Steam

If paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beat paper, what beats all 3 at the same time?

Answer:  Ryane Clowe

Lost in the froth of Dany being Dany and the recent emergence of Logan Couture for the San Jose Sharks is the story of Ryane Clowe…which is probably just fine with him.  After struggling to only six points in October, Clowey doubled his production in November and has continued that positive trajectory so far here in December.

Clowe’s game is true grit.  He works in media shadows, dominates the corners and happily stands aside to let some of his more flashy, white limo ridin’ teammates get the glory.  Not really his fault, as at last count, there were not many white limosines rolling up Duckworth Street in St. John’s, Newfoundland–they thought they had found one a few years back, but it turned out to be a flock of seagulls sitting on a tractor.

Clowe’s shifts are typically characterized by big hits, decisive wins and sheer persistence as he fends off constant cross-checks, and cycles the puck or sets up a teammate.  He also occupies that rare NHL breed of power forward, and is a player who combines some slick skill on the puck, with the most physical offensive presence in the Sharks arsenal.

Ready to provide an assist, goal or a fighting major…whatever suits the situation at hand.

Clowe’s varied contributions will be on display tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers and Chris Pronger.  Anybody who has watched Chris Pronger for more than a few games, knows that at some point, Pronger needs to take out his team’s sorry play and frustration on the closest (and smallest) opponent on the ice.  It is just inevitable, and Clowe will be there for the Sharks to meet Pronger in the middle.

Sidenote, but unsubstantiated reports say that Chris Pronger has apparently called out Brodie Brazil?  If true, this is just not acceptable.  It is though, completely in line with a classic Pronger strategy to isolate and bully the weak and elderly like some pasty faced, lumbering hyena.

Be careful what you wish for Pronger.

Brodie Brazil would probably own that big idiot, which would be tough for the big he-she to live down to his Philly teammates.  Don’t be fooled by that polite and respectful act on camera, Brazil’s probably been doing P90x and stealing protein supplements from Scott Nichol since off-season workouts began.

Call ME out Pronger? Wait until I intro you to a little something called “Kempo X” b****! Wait until I yank that jersey over your dome, and The Brodie unleashes the “Plyometric” pain samba of Brazil on you’re a**!

Pronger, you don’t stand a chance against anyone who calls themselves, “The Brodie”…that’s a pure, mean ball of hate heading your direction.

I’d stick with Clowe if I were you.


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