Tanner Glass vs. Brandon Mashinter

Last night during the San Jose Sharks painful 4-3 loss at home to the Vancouver Canucks, Tanner Glass welcomed Brandon Mashinter to the NHL.  It was The Mash’ first NHL fight, and he found out the dance partners are a little more stout up here versus in Worcester.

Homer until I die, but young Brandon got his bell rung pretty good…

The good news is that Mashinter has now been graced with what’s known as the “Nolan Ryan Effect”. As the story goes, early in his career, Ryan hit Dave Winfield causing Winfield to furiously charge the mound. As that happened and the 6′ 6″ outfielder was upon him, Ryan basically locked up and turtled.  He carried that angst of inaction and futility around with him for decades until it was unleashed in a mighty BEATDOWN for the ages on one Robin Mark Ventura.

Two words:  head lock.

Point is, I wouldn’t want to be facing Mash in his next bout, as his pent up anger should set him firmly in the “Gaetz Zone”.


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