Most Underachieving Shark is…

After a 3-0 loss to Buffalo at home….it got me thinking…Which Shark has underachieved the most this season? Sure, San Jose fans have not been accustomed to mediocrity over the past few seasons, and by no means are the Sharks in the lower half of NHL teams.

But, something is estrange this season, unlike years past.

Maybe it’s Nabby’s departure? Or the loss or Rob Blake? Or the chippiness that Manny Malholtra provided?

The Sharks are obviously in need of a few things before they make their playoff push, but in your opinion, which Shark have you been least impressed with this season? Chime in……..

  • Mike Landolina

    2 Sharks stand out to me…
    1. Vlasic. He has not been a scoring threat what-so-ever and his defense is mediocre. Look how Christian Ehrhoff turned out…..When we traded him we all believed Vlasic was better. Now that is just not true.

    2. Patrick Marleau. The guy is a zombie away from the Shark Tank. He doesn’t show up on the road and is way to inconsistent to be making $6 mil a season