If you could vote 1 recent Shark back on the team, who would it be?

After watching the show Big Brother for the last little while and seeing Brendon get a second chance at the game thanks to viewers voting him back… I had this idea: What if we could cast votes for one recently departed Shark (i.e., from this offseason), and Doug Wilson would bring back the player that got the most votes? I know this is kinda silly and would never happen in real life… but hey it would be cool, right? Let’s look at 3 important former Sharks that could have gotten some votes:


Devin Setoguchi – dealt away this summer along with prospect Charlie Coyle and a future first round draft pick to the Minnesota Wild for potential game-changing defenseman Brent Burns. I liked Seto, he scored at least 20 goals in his last three seasons with the Sharks. Let’s also not forget his 7 goals in this last year’s playoffs. He is still a young guy with a lot of potential… let’s be honest here, Jumbo and Patty aren’t gonna be around and putting up excellent numbers forever. Who will carry on the offence from Jumbo and Patty? Oh yeah… there are some guys named Joe Pavelski and Logan Couture. But why not have another good young player like Seto to contribute in the future?




Dany Heatley – also dealt away this summer to the Minnesota Wild for forward Martin Havlat. Well here is a four time 40 goal scorer, and two time 50 goal scorer. To be honest he had a bit of an off-year last year with 26 goals, but there is always the potential for him to once again be a premier NHL sniper. I wonder what made Doug Wilson feel the need to trade away Heater? Oh wait… maybe his recent playoff performances? Seems Heater is a permanent minus player when it comes to playoff plus/minus, and he didn’t score a lot of goals for the Sharks in the last two playoff years.




Scott Nichol - was not resigned by the Sharks, signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Blues. Ok so here is a guy who probably won’t score 20 goals for you or consistently set up other guys for easy tap-in goals. But Nichol will do the ugly things for your team to win. He will grind in the corners, he will hit, he will stick up for his teammates. He is a gritty veteran who can be a positive influence in the dressing room. Don’t agree? Well read what St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong has to say about Nichol here. Why have the Sharks continually gotten rid of players like Nichol? The Sharks chose not to resign Manny Malholtra last offseason, and now Jamal Mayers and Nichol won’t be resigned. I feel that having tough role-players around who will play through pain (and take aspirin like M&Ms) during the playoffs are essential for a winning team.




I think I my vote would have gone to Scott Nichol. We have enough offence and we have beefed up our defense this offseason, but what about the role players? Here’s hoping that newly acquired Michal Handzus can fill that gaping hole.

Who would you have voted for? Is there another player who has recently departed from the Sharks that you would like to see back? Let your voice be heard in the comments section!

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