NHL 12 : It's awesome but we've played some of the "new" features before

I’ve enjoyed the NHL series by EA sports for many years. I will be getting NHL 12 because I enjoy playing online and going through 1 or 2 full seasons.

Check out the features trailer of NHL 12 here. Wait a second

I don’t doubt that the people working on this game have refined many aspects of the gameplay and presentation… it’s just that some of the “big” features that are being advertised this year don’t appear to be so new. Let’s take a look:

Goalie Fights – now really, how can you market this as being something new to the EA NHL series? I remember that I could be a goalie and get into fights with other goalies in NHL 2004. There is proof posted on YouTube, which you can view here.

NHL 10’s Board Play – was first introduced in NHL 2004. There is proof here. It was noticeably absent in the NHL series until NHL 10.

Breaking the Glass with a Big Hit, Popping Helmets off with a Big Hit – helmets could be popped off in NHL 2004 and glass could be broken with a big hit in NHL 99. I couldn’t find video evidence, but I used to own both of these games and remember these things happening. You can find a text description here of NHL 99 features that include glass breaking.  Here is a text description of NHL 2004 features that include glass breaking and helmets coming off.

Hitting Players into the Benches – This is a feature that was around since NHL 94 on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Here is a quick clip of it happening in NHL 94.

I know there are a lot more interesting features being implemented in this year’s game like  the Legends Mode, being able to bump goalies, and fighting for position in front of the net. It just doesn’t sit well with me when a game is advertised as having brand new features… but in reality some of these new features were around ages ago.

Here’s a suggestion EA: Why not just be honest and say “improved features”. If you are a loyal NHL EA Sports gamer you are going to notice things like this. Does EA think that all of their fans have hockey-related concussions and won’t pick up on stuff like this?

I guess it is true… everything old is new again.

Sharks 1991-97


Also I have a question: Why aren’t the Sharks’ original 1991 Home and Away jerseys available to choose in the game? In past years the NHL series has included certain throwback uniforms for other teams. Why no Sharks love EA?




Let me know in the comments section if I am missing any other features that have been around in previous years -OR- What are your thoughts about NHL 12?

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