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I would like to start a new tradition here at Blades of Teal. Fridays will now be known as Friday Fight Club @ Blades of Teal (BofT). On Fridays during the regular season we will take a look at some of the fights that have happened during the week of NHL action. Fighting is a tradition in professional hockey so I don’t wanna hear any griping about the fact that I am promoting violence… because you’d be correct (but only for professional hockey players). You know that you enjoy a good fight every now and then, and that’s why this feature was created!

Please remember the first rule of Fight Club Fridays @ BofT – tell everyone about Friday Fight Club @ BofT!

Since we are starting this tradition in the offseason, I’m going to feature some videos of Sharks fights that happened during the season last year:

Here we have former Shark Scott Nichol battling Ryan Carter of the Anaheim Ducks on October 30th, 2010. You can see what kind of player Nichol is, he is a heart and soul player who will try to beat you up even though he is falling down. Gonna miss you Nichol.

Next up we have Douglas Murray fighting Aaron Voros of the Anaheim Ducks in the same game on October 30th, 2010. Murray is one tough customer!

Following that we have Ryane Clowe beating up Tim Jackman of the Calgary Flames on February 25th, 2011. Ryane is a big boy with a big right hand.

I wanted to add in a clip of Scott Hartnell of the Flyers getting beat up and by the Sabres Paul Gaustad in the playoffs on April 16th, 2011. I just thought this was one of the best fights of the playoffs.

Ah the memories. Looking forward to more Friday Fight Clubs!

Big thanks to for uploading high quality videos. I recommend checking this site out as it is one of the most comprehensive hockey fights site out there.

Let me know in the comments section who the toughest Shark is. Is it a draw between Murray and Clowe?

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