Get Some Goosebumps from these Sharks Memories


The start of training camp is coming sooner rather than later. I wanted to start getting pumped about the upcoming season by looking back at some awesome Sharks memories.

Let’s kick it all off with an awesome fan-made YouTube clip of the Sharks’ amazing comeback victory against the LA kings in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs. This is an awesome video by Chuckbaby21 because it looks like the “History Will Be Made” commercials that the NHL has been using for the last couple of years during the playoffs. Gotta love Pavelski for tying it up and then Seto for finishing off the great comeback.


Here’s a video of the Sharks upsetting the heavily favored Detroit Red Wings in the first round of the 1994 Stanley Cup Playoffs. This was the Sharks’ first ever playoff round victory. How about a big shout-out to the Sharks’ current radio color announcer Jamie Baker for scoring that goal?! Thanks to Puckguy14 for the video.

Puckguy14 also put up a YouTube video of the insane 2010 first round game between the Sharks and the Avalanche. The Sharks fought back to tie the game 4 different times. Once again it was Pavelski tying it to send it to overtime, and then Seto winning it. Gonna miss you Seto.

I’ll end this posting with Owen Nolan’s hat-trick in the 1997 All-Star Game. Everyone who knows about this will remember Nolan calling his shot before scoring against Dominic Hasek. Thanks to hppavilionatsanjose for the YouTube Video.

Here’s looking forward to another season full of great memories! Go Sharks!

What is your favorite Sharks memory? Share it in the comments section!

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