Friday Fight Club #2 @ BofT


Here we go with the second installment of Friday Fight Club @ Blades of Teal. For this week I wanted to focus on some old-school fights where EVERYONE on the ice had a dance partner. This is some classic stuff. I found a lot of clips of past Sharks teams doing this kind of stuff… It makes me wonder why the past Sharks teams fought so much.

Maybe other teams were making fun of the teal uniforms? Whatever the reason, the Sharks showed the league that if you wanna fight, then you’re gonna have a full fledged shark attack on your hands!

Oh and before we get started, don’t forget the first rule of Friday Fight Club @ BofT: Tell everyone about Friday Fight Club @ BofT! Let’s get started!

We’ll start things off with the 1994 Sharks vs. Maple Leafs second round playoff series. It was a hard fought series where the Sharks pushed the Leafs to the seventh and deciding game in Toronto. Doug Gilmour of the Maple Leafs was ready to fight the whole Sharks bench… good luck with that.



Next up we have the 1996-97 Sharks vs. Kings massive fight in the regular season. This one started because Matt Johnson of the Kings laid a questionable hit on the Sharks’ Nazarov. Then all the Sharks on the ice came to the defense of their hurt teammate. Don’t mess with the Sharks!



Now we’ll end with something a bit different. The Sharks’ Joe Murphy gets harassed by the Oilers’ Boris Mironov at the bench area, and then proceeds to throw some serious bombs in the dressing room walkway! I’ve never seen something like this before. I’m not sure of the year that this happened. If anyone knows, let me know!



How about those original 1991 Sharks jerseys? Brings back the memories… What do you think about these fights?

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