Friday Fight Club #3 @ BofT

Wow we are already at in our third edition of Friday Fight Club at Blades of Teal. You all know the drill by now, the first rule of Friday Fight Club @ BofT is to to tell everyone about Friday Fight Club @ BofT!

So what’s on tap for this week? How about some goalie fights!? There have been some good ones over the years. You gotta be a little bit crazy to try and fight with all those pads on, right?

Let’s start off with last year’s fight between the Pens’ Johnson and the Islanders’ DiPietro. Remember that DiPietro gets absolutely dropped by Johnson and ended up fracturing his face. Say what you want about the Islanders… but man is DiPietro unlucky or what?


Next up we will take a look at some classic goalie fights. Who knew that Patrick Roy was this tough?


Gotta love those dust-ups. Well that does it for another Friday Fight Club @ BofT. Check back next week to see some more classic NHL dust-ups!

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