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Today on FanSided’s Around the NHL in 30 Days the Colorado Avalanche are the center of attention on Mile High Sticking’s blog.

After a dreadful season last year the goaltending appears to have gotten better with the additions of Semyon Varlamov and Jean Sebastian Giguere. Goaltending is key, as we all know that a good goalie can can relieve some of the mistakes made in your own end of the ice.

Here’s what the talented writers at Mile High Sticking have to say about their Avalanche:

If half of the Avalanche acquisitions pan out, at least one of them being one of the goalies, the Avalanche may be heading for another surprisingly good season. To start the goalies are a definite upgrade for the Avalanche but will need to show up consistently. The new and improved blueline gives the Avalanche a more western conference look than they have ever had.

Let’s see how the Sharks did against the Avalanche last year:

4 Games: Sharks won 3 of 4 meetings

The Avalanche played the Sharks pretty hard last year as 2 of the 4 meetings went into overtime. The Sharks won once in overtime and lost once in a shootout to the Avalanche. In the other 2 games the Sharks won 4-0 and 4-2.

Can a 14th place team last year find themselves in the top 8 this year? This franchise is used to winning and success, and I believe that they will perform better than their dismal performance last year. As far as the playoffs are concerned… that might be wishful thinking this year.

Check back tomorrow as the Columbus Blue Jackets take center stage in FanSided’s Around the NHL in 30 Days.

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