Better Late Than Never - Friday Fight Club #5

Hey everyone, my apologies for not getting this week’s Friday Fight Club up yesterday… Life gets in the way sometimes. But here we go now with this week’s edition! I’ll just take a moment to remind you that the first rule of Friday Fight Club is to tell everyone about Friday Fight Club @ BofT!

This week’s focus in on the big Sharks’ defenseman Douglas Murray. He doesn’t fool around on the ice. He can hit, block shots, fight, and anything in between. I wanted to start off the videos with a big hit that Murray laid on Dustin Byfuglien (aka “Big Buff”) when he was on the Blackhawks. As you know Big Buff is a big man. Imagine the collison when Murray, another big man, decides to run into him!



There’s more clips for ya after the jump!

Here’s a beauty between Murray and the Dallas Stars’ Steve Ott. It’s kinda funny because Ott tries to lift Murray up… silly Star, didn’t you know that Murray is a Swedish Viking? Seriously that is what the announcer called Murray! I guess he kinda is one. Hey you know what? Eric from True Blood is a Viking too. I think Murray could take him… vampire-shmampire!




Here is an oldie but goodie fight between Murray and Corey Sarich of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Murray lands some thunderous uppercuts on Sarich because he is sticking up for Joe Thornton. Gotta love Murray’s heart and team-first style of play.




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