Friday Fight Club #6 - The Clowe Show

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Ryane Clowe is one of the premier power forwards in the NHL today. He grinds in the corners, he hits, he scores, and he is one tough customer. He point production has been increasing for three straight years, and he hit a career high with 24 goals and 62 points last year. How many 60 point guys do you know that have soft hands around the net and yet have thunderous fists when it’s time to drop the gloves? Is it just me, or does Clowe always seem to come out on top when he fights? I hardly ever see him taking the worst of a fight. Probably has something to do with his mean right hand.

Let’s start things off with Clowe destroying Mike Weber of the Buffalo Sabres. I score this one a clean knockdown for Clowe… which is something I can’t commit to saying about Floyd Mayweather’s win over Victor Ortiz last week.




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Here we have Clowe beating up Michael Blunden of the Columbus Blue Jackets. Gotta love how Clowe throws Blunden to the ice, only to pick him back up and administer more punishment. You are a scary man, Ryane.




Our last clip should be filed under “isn’t life funny?” because it involves Clowe and brand new Shark Jim Vandermeer. This was from 2005, and Vandermeer was a member of the Chicago Blackhawks. These two men are warriors, and I’m proud that they are on the same team. Note to the rest of the NHL: Don’t mess with the Sharks!




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