The Twitter 3 Stars of the Week!

It seems these days that hockey players like to tweet; so much so in fact, that the National Hockey League released a new social media policy last Wednesday which governs the use of Twitter by both players and staff on game day, as well as regulates content being posted on an every day basis. The policy has caused a level of mild controversy, with some people questioning whether or not the First Amendment rights of those employed by the organization are being violated by the restrictions, but overall it doesn’t seem to be being met with much resistance. It’s no secret that members of the Sharks organization love to tweet and so far the new policy hasn’t stopped the outpouring of gems coming from these guys! It only seems logical that each week we award the Twitter 3 Stars of the Week to the top three Sharks with the most notable, funny, or eyebrow raising tweets! So without further delay, the Blades of Teal Twitter 3 Stars of the Week:

 #3 – @Frazermclaren68 with: Line of the day. “that looks about as fun as indoor recess.”

-Nobody liked indoor recess in grade school, nobody. Star Awarded for truth told.

#2 – @Logancouture with: It feels good to be able to turn on the tv and watch a live NHL game. #werebackkkk

-Couldn’t agree more. Star Awarded for mutual feeling.

#1 – @Burnzie88 with: Pumped to c the tank rocking!! Aldos to fuel up then hitting the fart sack! #firstoneoftheyear

-Two major points here: Number 1 we’re pumped to see the tank rocking too!!!! And Number 2, the term “fart sack” being used in a tweet is just plain hilarious. Star Awarded for not holding anything back…

Honorable mention this week will be granted to a member of a different team. One of the NHL’s biggest Twitter users and player for the Phoenix Coyotes:

Paul Bissonette AKA @BizNasty2point0 with: Haven’t had a sip of alcohol in 12 days. My body hasn’t felt this detoxed since I was 17. #WaterOnTheRocks

-Because not boozing during camp is probably a good plan…


Can’t wait to see what kind of material comes out of the Tank this week as games have started and any good hockey fan knows that with the season comes glory, heartbreak, controversy, and a whole heap of chirps! Be sure to follow @bladesofteal on Twitter and check out some of our staff as well! @bladesofteal21 and @AmySnow17


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