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FanSided’s Around the NHL in 30 Days takes a trip out to beautiful British Columbia to check in with the Vancouver Canucks. I have to apologize to the great writers at The Canuck Way blog because it’s hard for me to say anything nice about the Canucks. After they defeated the Sharks in the Western Conference Finals last year I have penciled them in to my personal “Annoying Teams” book and I don’t seem them being removed anytime soon.

Besides my own personal dislike of the Canucks, I have to be fair and say that they are a good team that has a good chance of making another deep playoff run this year… except this year I believe that the Sharks will send the Canucks on their way back home empty handed. With the Sedin Twins, Ryan Kesler, and Roberto Luongo, this team will always be competitive. Notice how I didn’t mention HIM… you know, that guy whom many Sharks fans despise… I’m talking about Mr. Bieksa (noooo! I said it).

Here’s a snippet of what the writers at The Canuck Way have to say about their team this year:

As it stands right now, the Canucks have made 3 Stanley Cup Finals appearances, yet the ultimate team prize eludes them.  With only small changes, relatively speaking, occuring during the off-season, General Manager Mike Gillis still has the utmost confidence in this group to go deep.

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The Canucks handled the Sharks pretty well during the regular season, winning 3 out of the 4 meetings. The season series was tight and hard fought as 3 of the 4 meetings were decided by just 1 goal, and two of the meetings went to a shootout. We all know what happened in the Western Conference Finals last year, as the Canucks eliminated the Sharks in 5 games.

I’m predicting that the regular season series this year against the Canucks will be hotly contested once again. I’m counting on the Sharks to use last year’s playoff disappointment as fuel to take this year’s season series. If the Canucks are unlucky enough to meet the Sharks in the playoffs this year… well let’s just say that Shark Week won’t just be confined to television, it will be alive on the ice and chasing those Canucks!

FanSided’s Around the NHL in 30 Days in winding down… which means the NHL season is just around the corner! Check back tomorrow to see who is in the spotlight!


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