Friday Fight Club #7: Preseason Punch-Ups

Zac Rinaldo - Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Wow there have been some good fights in this past week of preseason NHL action. If the boys are this fired up in the preseason, I can only imagine the intense battles that will take place during the regular season. All videos from this week’s Friday Fight Club are from the site You can also check this site out in our Blogroll under “FC Hockey Fights.”

Let’s start out with Zac Rinaldo of the Flyers vs. Dale Weise of the Rangers on September 26th. You can tell that Rinaldo is pumped up and is trying to earn a spot in the Flyers lineup:


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You know that old saying “Live by the sword, die by the sword?” I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate to describe what happened to Rinaldo of the Flyers here. He drops the gloves on September 29th against Brad Mills of the New Jersey Devils. Mills wins this one.



Here we have Paul Bissonnette of the Coyotes taking on Guillaume Desbiens of the Flames on September 29th. Biznasty lays the smackdown twice in this match.



Ok… Ok… Here’s the Sharks’ Brad Winchester getting knocked out by Vancouver’s Aaron Volpatti on September 29th. This hurts me to watch this video… but you know what? It’s Friday Fight Club… and that means we have to take the good and the bad. This was bad for Sharks fans. However, I feel that Winchester will learn from this and come back a stronger and more effective hockey player. The homer in me says that it was a lucky shot from Volpatti anyways…



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