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Twitter 3 Stars!!!

After a long week it’s time to award our Sharks Twitter 3 Stars of the week! 

Twitter 3 Stars of the Week go to the top three Sharks with the most notable, funny, or eyebrow raising tweets! So without further delay, the Blades of Teal Twitter 3 Stars of the Week:

#3 – @Logancouture with: Get your mind in a dream world. 

– Hockey season is starting, pretty sure our minds are in a dream world Logan, no need for the suggestion! Star Awarded for being in our dreams.

# 2 – @JamieMcGinn64 with: @SeanSullivan37 has @Frazermclaren68 ever beat you in #wordswithfriends ??? 

– Words with Friends is like a secret ninja skill for hockey guys, who knew they could spell so well??? Frazer would probably kill me at it even on his worst day. (Follow the guys on twitter to see how the rest of that conversation worked out…) Star Awarded for finding a way to chirp over a spelling game.

 #1 – @ryaneclowe with: Hey #NHL how about bringing an outdoor game out west. Sharks vs Kings/Ducks in San Francisco at AT&T Park #bythebay

– That would be paradise! With how weird the weather is maybe one day it’ll happen….??? Wishful thinking? Oh, and Happy Birthday to our #1 Star! Star Awarded for the thought and because everyone should be #1 on their birthday!

 Honorable Mention this week goes to Brendan Shanahan.

@NHLShanahan with: Rules and Regulation video that went to players 2 weeks ago. Thought we’d share again.

– Liking the transparency with all of the explanations on suspensions being posted. If you want a good laugh check out @NHLShanaBan (who IS NOT Brendan Shanahan) but who perpetuates the #ShanaBanned trending topic and makes us giggle.

 **Please remember that we are committed to keeping it clean, objective, and fun while using Twitter to share views and news! We are fans writing for fans and are all for good clean debates but we’ll leave the fighting to the hockey players! Failure to respect that will get you, well since it works here…#ShanaBanned!!!**

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*Big thanks to E Fowle for contributing to selection this week!*




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