Friday Fight Club #8: The New Guys

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The new season is here. We all know that the Sharks have made some important off-season moves, most notably beefing up the blue line. This week on Friday Fight Club I’m going to feature the new guys on the blue line: Colin White, Jim Vandermeer, and Brent Burns. As these clips show, the Sharks have definitely added sandpaper to the defense. We are gonna make it more difficult on opposing forwards this year.

Let’s start off with Colin White (while on New Jersey) administering a flash knockdown to Bruno Gervais of the New York Islanders. Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s how tough and efficient Colin White is when he decides to drop the gloves.



Next up we have Jim Vandermeer during his Oiler days beating up the Dallas Stars’ Krys Barch. By the looks of things, Vandermeer was just itching to get the gloves off and teach this Star a lesson. We are gonna need that same will and determination come playoff time. Keep it up Jim!



Finally we have everyone’s favorite, Mr. Brent Burns demonstrating that he is a true team player. He drops the gloves with then Calgary Flame Dion Phaneuf in defense of his Wild teammate. I can’t wait for Burns to start making an impact in the regular season. The season opener is tomorrow, but it can’t come soon enough!



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