Thanksgiving 3 Stars

Canadian Thanksgiving Twitter 3 Stars

Our Sharks Twitter 3 Stars were met with a bit of a delay this week with opener happening! But wanted to get them  out in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving! Hope you are all nice and toasty on some tasty North Canadian beer by now! Now enjoy! The twitter 3 stars of the week!

#3 – @Logancouture with: MLB Playoffs or NHL games?…..the tough choices in my life

– This is a choice? Last time we checked, once Hockey season starts baseball dies…well, in my world anyway…referencing his #3 spot last week, Logan, get yourself in a dream world and turn off the MLB playoffs and immerse yourself in the sweet juicy world of NHL games. Come on Coutce…I mean LoCo…..I mean Juicy………oh dang it, just watch hockey like the rest of us ya crazy Canadian kid, whatever your name is….Star Awarded for being just as confused as the rest of us and obviously for having your mind in the gutter as well…watch the VIDEO, you’ll understand:  Coutce, LoCo,Juicy

#2-  @ryaneclowe29 with: Excited for the family to be back in town again tonight after 5 weeks! The ps3 controller is getting traded in exchange for dirty diapers

-We agree that having family in town is what makes the season go round…but you’d be hard pressed to see some of our fansided men give up their ps3 controllers for dirty diapers. Bravo Mr. Clowe for not being afraid to get messy! Star Awarded for being realistic and trying to make the best of a crappy situation….pun intended.

 #1 – @Burnzie88 Brent Burns with: wow, crowd and the tank very impressive tonight, damn was that loud!!

– The crowd is always loud and impressive in the tank and we can’t wait to hear it get louder as season moves on! 1 down 81 to go and we’re in business gents!

 **Honorable Mention this week goes to a relatively unknown rookie.**

@Avramenko01 with: Learn from the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future

 -Words could not be spoken more true, and these I find fitting with the news I am writing about him as we speak. Great goalie to watch for in seasons to come. Learns from everything and looks forward to what is coming. Keep your eyes out for him. Star awarded for the junior level heart that beats harder than the rest.

**Please remember that we are committed to keeping it clean, objective, and fun while using Twitter to share views and news! We are fans writing for fans and are all for good clean debates but we’ll leave the fighting to the hockey players! Failure to respect that will get you, well since it works here…#ShanaBanned!!!**

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