Friday Fight Club #9: Setting A High Standard

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Only one week into the season, and we already have some great heavyweight fights. The Battle of Ontario has given us some beauties to watch, and it was only the first game between the Leafs and Sens this year! Then there is the Arron Asham vs. Jay Beagle incident… which has caused quite a stir in the hockey world due to Asham’s celebration after the fight. At least Asham had the class to apologize and admit in a post-game interview that his actions were not in good taste. Let’s start this week of clips off with that Asham-Beagle fight:



Next up we have Wayne Simmons of the Flyers getting into a dust-up with David Clarkson of the Devils. This clip is only 20 seconds long… but it may have been the longest and toughest 20 seconds of Clarkson’s NHL career. See for yourself as Simmons sends Clarkson down hard to the ice twice.



Here we have Zach Stortini of the Predators tries to act like a real-life animal predator and make Ryan Reaves of the Blues into his prey. Well, Stortini should have done more homework on Reaves as a potential fight partner. Reaves ended up dropping Stortini with a thunderous punch.



We’ll close this week’s Friday Fight Club with the Sens’ Chris Neil laying the smackdown on the Leafs Luke Schenn. I like Schenn as a player, he is a tough and hard-nosed defenseman who has a team-first mentality. As for Neil, I think of him as an annoying super pest that grinds my gears… but I would probably cheer loudly for him if he was on the Sharks. In this meeting Neil gets the upper hand on Schenn.



That’s it for this week’s Friday Fight Club at Blades of Teal. Remember the first rule of our Friday Fight Club: tell everyone about Friday Fight Club!!  I wonder if we will see some classic fights tonight in the Sharks-Ducks game?


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