Weekend Fight Club #10 - Grin and Bear It

Well here we go with another Friday (sorry) Weekend Fight Club. Can you believe this is the 10th edition already? Man, does time fly or what? Anyways, what we have lined up for you this week includes: Aaron Volpatti gets some of his own medicine; even Swedish Vikings lose a fight once in a while; a ridiculously long fight between a very tall man and a short guy; and I’m grinning for the cameras before I knock you out! Let’s get started!!

First up we have Aaron Volpatti of the Canucks taking on Jordin Tootoo of the Predators. Remember how Volpatti got a lucky shot in on the Sharks’ Winchester a few weeks ago? I certainly remember, and watching Jordin Tootoo give Volpatti some of his own medicine put a smile to my face.


Next up we have Doug Murray of our Team Teal taking on Eric Boulton of the Devils. Even though Boulton got the best of Murray in this tilt, I want you to notice how quickly Murray recovered and got up after being knocked down. If this fight had more rounds in it I’m sure that the Swedish Viking would eventually have his way with Boulton.



Here we have a crazy fight between Brian McGrattan of the Predators and Cam Janssen of the Devils. Not only was McGrattan much taller than Janssen, which allowed him to continually catch Janssen with head shots, but this fight went on for a long time. I wasn’t expecting Janssen to last in this bout. We gotta give it up to both of these men for showing heart and determination while stepping up for their teams.



We’ll end this week off with a funny clip from the KHL (Russian Hockey League). In this clip we see the dude with a grin on his face (Jon Mirasty) take a couple of punches and then… BOOM he decides that enough is enough and he knocks out his opponent. A big thanks to fellow Blades of Teal writer Gordon for sending me this link! Jon Mirasty is nasty in this clip!!



Come back next week to check out the next edition of Friday Fight Club. Remember that the first rule of Friday Fight Club is: tell everyone about Friday Fight Club @ Blades of Teal!

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