Friday Fight Club #11: Settling Scores

Photo by: BRIAN SNYDER/Reuters

P.K. Subban and Brad Marchand have had a feud going for a while now. It dates back to last year when Subban laid a big open-ice hit on Marchand. Then there was the hard fought playoff series last year between the Habs and Bruins that Boston won despite falling behind 2 games to none. Last night these two men decided to square up and punch out their differences. Pay close attention to P.K.’s opening attempt at a punch. I say “attempt” because he didn’t connect with his punch and almost ended up face first on the ice. Good on Marchand for helping Subban up and not taking the opportunity to deliver a cheap shot.



Next up we have Mike Brown of the Maple Leafs and Kris Newbury of the Rangers. Brown does his best Sugar Ray Leonard impression as he threw a flurry of punches in Newbury’s direction and landed a good number of them.



Finally we have Clayton Stoner of the Wild taking on Dale Weise of the Canucks. In this bout Stoner throws a bunch of heavy looking punches Weise’s way, and eventually Weise has no choice but to go down. You sure have to be a tough dude to do what these enforcers do night in and night out.



Be sure to check out Friday Fight Club next week for some new clips of the NHL’s toughest doing what they do best. Remember that the first rule of Friday Fight Club at Blades of Teal is: tell everyone about Friday Fight Club at Blades of Teal.

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