What Charity?

Growing up I was taught to always be charitable to the less fortunate and to give even at the expense of myself. It didn’t matter whether or not it came in the form of my time, my money, my comfort, or myself, I just had to give it for the greater good. Needless to say, I love how charitable our Sharks are and it is always nice to see them getting involved. The Sharks news section is littered with articles in regards to charities and fundraisers being hosted by the guys and their families. I’m sure every now and again they would like to spend more time not doing charity work, but their involvement does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. In this day and age it is sad that we essentially need to be bribed to give, but hey, if it gets another book to another kid or gets money out to suffering families then I’m ok with it. So keep bribing me with meet and greets with Sharks players, I’ll happily take you up on it one day Sharks organization.

Anyway, what point am I trying to make here? Most of you are probably thinking “The point is that the Sharks are charitable.” Ok, yeah, but what I want to stress is that as charitable as they are off the ice, they are the exact opposite ON the ice, and that’s why we really love them! Forget the golf and bowling tournaments, the meet and greets to get books for kids, and whatever else it is they are up to, I don’t care about any of that while they are on the ice. I prefer them to be unforgiving, unwelcoming, and incredibly uncharitable to the opposing team.

I’m all about being a good team player and sportsmanlike conduct, but other teams shouldn’t come into the Tank, or any arena for that matter, thinking they are going to get a handout. As evidenced by the past few seasons, we’re not in the business of giving up W’s for free and if you want one you’re going to pay for it. This does not go unnoticed by other teams, and following the Sharks loss to the New York Rangers on Halloween, Rangers Captain Ryan Callahan was quoted as saying,

“We kept going at them…We know they are a good team and they weren’t going to lay down easily. It was a good character win.”

That’s right Ryan, you had to work for the win. While a loss is disappointing the fact that other teams know the Sharks are tough to overcome is comforting. The season is still in its infancy, and a lot can happen, but for now the reputation remains, that as charitable and nice as the Sharks are in the community, they are equally uncharitable and tough once their skates go on. They are exactly as I like them, giving their all while not giving up anything for free.

Now do yourself and the community a favor and get involved in one of the many charity events hosted by the SHARKS organization! Get a warm fuzzy and maybe meet a Shark or two!

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