Hi everyone! So I realize I’ve been absent from the site for awhile, and I know you have all just been desperately missing my Twitter 3 Stars posts…or at least that’s what I tell myself at night…regardless, I’m back after celebrating the Navy’s 236th b-day and being crazy busy with a million other things! I figured I would do something a bit different for you all this week since it’s been so long, so you get a video! It’s silly and I really don’t know how to use my software all that well, soooo my apologies for how silly it seems! The 3 Stars are going back a little ways just to cover  tiny piece of my time away! Without any more delay, I present to you, the Sharks Twitter 3 Stars of the week!

#3 – @Logancouture with: Always nice to get a win in Detroit. Family and friends in the stands. Gotta keep rolling. Off to NY. #HouseOfBalloons all flight.

We LOVE a W in Detroit too! As long as it’s not Detroit winning it…just sayin’…

#2 -@RyanClowe29 with: Big Joey T’s 1000th game tonight! Hitting that milestone at only 31yrs old is an impressive accomplishment. Great teammate and friend #jumbo

Absolutely HUGE accomplishment!!! Love the team support behind him as well!!! Congrats!!!

#1 - @Frazermclaren68 with: Movember is here! Great cause. Just glad my mustache doesn’t look like @Logancouture. #peachfuzz

Glad to see the #MOVEMBER chirps are already hitting the streets in a personal way!!! Gonna be an interesting month! **In my video you can check out his cool Movember coffee mug……**

Honorable Mention is going to my personal favorite Edmonton Oiler, the young @Hallsy04 with: @ebs_14 and I went as @TheGreenMen from Van. Killed it on the d floor #sorryforpartying

…and if the thought of them in Green Men outfits doesn’t do it for ya, I’ve included a his follow on tweet in the video…a picture of them in their costumes…Party on boys, no apologies necessary for killin it on the d floor!!!

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