Weekend Fight Club 12: Getting Back Momentum

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Hey everyone! We have some pretty good tilts for this week. For those who feel that fighting has absolutely no place in the game of hockey, just watch the clip of San Jose’s Brad Winchester winning his bout with the Pens’ Craig Adams. Look at the reaction from the Sharks’ bench and the fans. Up until that point the Sharks had nothing going right for them. There was nothing to cheer for. Then Winchester steps up, wins his bout, and begins to change the momentum back in San Jose’s favor. The Sharks would use that momentum, and the excitement of Ryane Clowe’s second period fight, to claw back into the game. THAT is what makes fighting an important part of hockey.

Who else feels satisfaction watching Winchester win this bout? I think this win will overshadow his preseason loss to the Canucks Aaron Volpatti.



Next up we have Ryane Clowe mixing it up with Pens tough guy Deryk Engelland. If Clowe could have gotten his right hand freed a bit earlier in the fight I think that Engelland would have been face down on the ice.



Here’s former Shark and current St. Louis Blue, Scott Nichol teaching the newest Vancouver Canuck a lesson. The Canucks’ David Booth was silly to try and challenge Nichol to a fight. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Miss your presence on the Sharks, Nichol.



For the second week in a row on Friday Fight Club we have the Leafs’ Mike Brown acting like Sugar Ray Leonard. Look at how this dude fights! He literally just puts his head down and throws bombs. How would you defend against that? The way he tucks his chin in also makes it hard to hit him. The Devils’ Brad Mills had a hard time handling him.



We’ll end this week of clips with the Leafs’ Luke Schenn and the Devils’ David Clarkson. As we have seen before on Friday Fight Club, Clarkson is a tough customer. Poor Schenn, you are one of the few Leafs’ defenceman that will actually drop the gloves. For that I will forgive you for fighting with your visor on, just this once. Listen to the announcer as he thinks that it is actually the Leafs’ captain Dion Phaneuf fighting. Silly announcer, don’t you know that Phaneuf never fights, and if he does, he’ll only fight rookies?



Check back next week for some more great hockey fights!

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