Lousy Monday Madness

Yesterday I was sitting at lunch with some dear friends of mine in Georgia when their 11 year old son looks at me and says, “Amy, do you know what my favorite NHL team is?” I realized that I didn’t and waited for him to tell me Raleigh or Dallas or something…but to my surprise he breaks out with “San Jose!” I had no idea that he was a Sharks fan, even more surprised when he informed me that his favorite player is the now retired Rob Blake! He knew so much about Blake I almost couldn’t believe it was coming from an 11 year old! So in honor of my little buddy S.S. I decided I would post Rob Blake’s “Lousy Doctor” commercial. All of the videos contained in this post came from sjsharksofficial’s YouTube channel.

I then got all caught up and decided to post a couple more “Lousy” commercials from over the years that have made me laugh.

This one is for sure going to be me and whatever poor soul ends up with me one day. And Todd McLellan can totally be my marriage counselor any day!

These things are gems! All of them are coming from the San Jose Sharks official YouTube Channel. For more fun “Lousy” commercials, both new and vintage, go check out sjsharksofficial’s YouTube channel and enjoy!

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