Panthers & Sharks Warm Up 03 December 2011 - Photo Taken by A. Gist

Well Deserved

Generally I’m not harsh, nor do I want to come down on a team I so fervently support, but I feel like this must be said. The Sharks were subject to what can best be described as a good ole’ fashioned “bag skate” today, even though there were pucks on the ice in the end, and it was “well deserved” as far as I’m concerned. Sitting through the game last night from my perch in the upper bowl was tough, and I know I’m not alone in how I felt.

One fan predicted a late game “teaser” goal, which did in fact happen at 13:39 in the 3rd period by Logan Couture, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to turn things around. The lackluster Defense performance paired up with overall sloppiness was a recipe for disaster in the tank and there really isn’t much to say other than the Sharks were outplayed by the Panthers for no visibly apparent reason. I have been wrestling all day with what to say or not to say about the game and have ultimately resolved to keep it simple tonight…it was disappointing at best.

I’ll close with this, I respect the fact that the team and coaching staff openly took the blame for the poor performance, and truly feel bad that they had to even comment on it. Coach McLellan was quoted in the game recap as saying “We were very sloppy.” Dan Boyle, in the same article, was quoted as saying “We gave them that game…A couple of soft plays from us ‘D, just bonehead stupid soft, soft stupid plays…” I am most impressed with Boyle’s admittance of soft plays, especially given the fact that he was incredibly weak last night. Hopefully the unscheduled Sunday skate coupled with the painful and unnecessary loss against Florida will reignite some urgency and strong play in the days ahead.

For more information on the game last night and a great read check out THIS article from our friends at !!!

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