Cold Shower Anyone?

My Cold Shower Photo Taken by A. GistSo there I was tonight after a long day of work…and of course the Sharks losing…when I decide its time to take a nice hot shower. I turned on the water and put my hand under the liquid warmth coming out of the faucet and smiled at how hot and inviting it was. Ahhhh yes, great part of the day. I got in the shower, it was a little too hot, but still enjoyable…then it slowly became cool and become a nice even warmth. All of a sudden a cold streak hit me and was just as quickly gone…simple case of the roommie flushing the toilet probably….then, no……warm turned to luke warm, then luke warm to cool…..then just plain cold. Sound familiar?

Oh yeah…visually it looks like this: 3-5-2 AKA the Sharks record for the last ten games. Some speculate that the Sharks will soon be coming out of their slump because historically teams that should be winning games lose them instead right before the slump ends…ok, cool, fair enough I suppose. I for one am just hoping that these losses are going to equate to nothing more than instances of our roommates (read “opposition”), flushing the toilet and turning our water into momentary streams of ice cold fail……ahem……and not a more severe issue, like running out of hot water all together. I suppose running out of hot water is better than a busted Tank though (<—see what I just did right there?….moving on)….because at least if you are simply out of hot water you can turn it off for a little while and come back to a piping hot shower in a little while.

On that note, if we have hope of ever being the support system this organization deserves I think its time we all take a cold shower as well. As my shower turned into a frigid and uncomfortable experience tonight I couldn’t help but think of one thing…how braving out the cold was worth the pay-off of being clean and washing the day away.

Let’s all get out of the heat and suck it up to brave the cold my fellow fans…be gracious in wins, humble in losses, and hope your toilet-flushing roommates didn’t steal your warm, dry towel while you learned a lesson in dealing with less than ideal circumstances…let’s hope the Sharks have a warm towel waiting for them at the end of this cool streak as well, so we can all get back to being cozy together soon.

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