BoT Sharks Haiku Contest!

Hey Blades of Teal Readers and Die Hard Sharks Fans!

Just to mix things up and get some more fan involvement, I’ve decided its time to have some fun! It’s time for the first EVER Sharks Haiku contest! Get creative and write the best Haiku about the Sharks you have in you! Submit it to [email protected] by 26 January, 2012! We’ll read all of the submissions and post the winner on Friday 27 January 2012! You are pretty much playing for bragging rights, but hey, it’ll be fun!  Standard 5-7-5 Haiku construction! We will judge based on originality, possible luck it could bring the team, how hard we laugh, and overall awesomeness! Bring on the Hockey poetry!


BoT, The Final Word on Sharks Hockey

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