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For those of you who follow Sharks fans on twitter as we, the staff here at Blades of Teal do, you are already well aware that rumors were swirling late last night around a possible trade of Ryane Clowe. For those of you who do not, here’s the scoop. It took about ten minutes for it to go from a whisper to a mini panic within the Sharks twitter community that Ryane Clowe was going to be traded… before Sharks insider Kevin Kurz was kind enough to put it to bed as being nothing more than exactly what it was around this time last year as well, a rumor.

Kurz tweeted “Trade Clowe? No. I can see them moving a d-man but what they need is another forward. Can’t afford to trade a forward.”

Fans and hockey commentators alike began to speculate as to whether or not a trade of Clowe would benefit or hurt the Sharks with the general consensus being that General Manager Doug Wilson would be losing his mind to be trading such an integral member of the team. I observed a few things as the short lived fire burned like somebody through oil on it for a half an hour before it got put out, and here is what I saw.

#1- Clowe is definitely a fan favorite. The Twitterverse was overflowing with tweets about how sad individual fans would be if they lost their recently cage wearing Left Winger.

#2- Everyone seems to think that ANYONE getting traded is going to Toronto.

#3- People know they like Clowe…but do they know why they like him? A couple of comments lead me to ask myself “Are people even sure why they support this man?” I mean, I personally think he’s a solid player who develops into a stronger leader and stronger player annually as I’m sure most fans do, I just wasn’t seeing this reflected a while lot around the internet world last night…(I’m not calling anyone out, its just an observation).

#4- I now understand how panic happens…I also now get why people believed that the “War of the Worlds” was actually happening in 1938.

and #5- If San Jose were to ever be the victim of Ryane Clowe being traded, DW would need to go into a safe house for at least a month…maybe longer. I worry he would be faced with an angry mob of townspeople.

So there you have it fans. It is doubtful at best that you will see Clowe leaving the San Jose line-up anytime in the near future and for now I will consider this rumor squashed.


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