BoT Twitter 3 Stars! The Pumpin Er Tires Edition!

This installment of the Blades of Teal Twitter 3 Stars is a little bit different…let’s consider this the “Pumping Er Tires” installment! Lots of reasons to be showering the boys with compliments recently so why not re-live a few moments?

We start our Star Awards with a Sharks prospect from out in Worcester-

3rd Star: @CurtGogol13: Congrats out to @Tommy_Wingels scoring his first NHL goal in his home town… Alright now you can come back, rents almost due!

-Sharks fans on Twitter disagreed with Curt…looks like somebody is going to have to make the rent on his own for a little while longer…sorry bud.

2nd Star: @JamieMcGinn64 with an RT: “@bleed_teal: @JamieMcGinn64 why must you ruin my life with your flawlessness?” I would feel bad not to retweet this! #goodfromfarfarfromgood

-He may be ruining her life with his flawlessness but I bet he made her day by Re-Tweeting this! Keep breakin’ hearts Jamie.

1st Star: @LoganCouture: Thank you guys! Its an honor to be named to the All Star team. Exciting that it’s in Ottawa this year. Hopefully see some familiar faces.

-Just when the kid thinks he’s going to get a weekend away from Coach…but seriously congrats to Couture, have fun!

Honorable Mention:

@SF_Bulls: Cold weather front in #SanFrancisco. Mother Nature must know a #Hockey team moved in.

-Last time I checked it’s always cold in SF…but for those of you who don’t know, the Cow Palace will be welcoming a new ECHL team next season…and yes, you guessed it, they are named the San Francisco Bulls! Check their Facebook, website, and Twitter for more information!

*Side Note: For everyone who missed the twitter controversy surrounding @RyaneClowe29 see my post on Trade Rumors. My Twitter feed nearly exploded with concern that he was going to be traded…I don’t even want to know how many tweets @KKurzCSN got about it. Regardless, it was a rumor started by a fake account but goes to show how powerful of a tool Twitter can be.


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