ALH & Taylor Hall @ The 2011 All Star Game in Raleigh

Pond Hockey & Major Juniors

Here are a couple of things I learned while listening to the Sharks radio broadcast on Monday night as the Sharks outshot, appeared to outplay, and then subsequently lost to the Oilers.

-Taylor Hall is fast…so fast in fact that we heard about it…a lot…in addition to his speed I got the impression he needs to work on utilizing his teammates a bit more…

-Which brings us to the second thing I learned…the NHL is not pond hockey. It’s not?!?! What the?!?! When did I miss that memo?!?! ……..oh wait, I didn’t, and neither did anybody else. I understand the logic behind saying it, as again, it was in reference to Taylor Hall and his playing style, but I can assure you, Hall was raised to be an NHL player, and I’m sure pond hockey went out the window for him when he was 6 and indoor training facilities are more within his comfort zone. I could be wrong…but I doubt that I am.

-The third thing I learned, again, in reference to the way Hall plays, is that the NHL is not the Major Juniors………………………ya don’t say………..I’m just going to leave that alone.

I’m not really upset at the commentary, and I honestly found it fun to listen to, but I could have done with a little bit less talk about the juvenile playing style of Hall and more talk about what was going so wrong for the Sharks out there tonight. The crowd didn’t seem energized and the game came off incredibly flat. Not impressed by either team at the moment. So where do we go from here? Hopefully up and out of the hole we’ve started sinking into again instead of farther down into a slump right? Facing Calgary is not going to be easy, especially if Burns is out following a suspected lower body injury sustained in the 2-1 shoot out loss to Edmonton. The Sharks really can’t afford to lose any more star power at this point and without a win against Calgary going into the All Star Break more trouble is bound to meet us on the other side. I suppose at this point all we can do it wait and see, and hope that the team pulls it together long enough to beat Calgary and go into the All Star break ready to recuperate and come back strong. Buckle your seat belts fans, we may be in for a bumpy ride.

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