The view from our seats INSIDE the 2011 ASG draft! : Photo Property of A. Gist

Remember When...

ALH Trying On Ovi's Gear At THE 2011 ASG Fan Fair in Raleigh: Photo Property of A.Gist

…there were three Sharks on the All Star Team with a Rookie in addition? When Alex Ovechkin was about to go into battle with a speed gun and subsequently score the first goal of the All Star Game and Team Staal would win the Super Skills Contest? Wait a second……I think I got confused………where did I get this wrong? Let’s take a look shall we?

First and foremost, just like last year there was only ONE Shark on the All Star Game roster (Dan Boyle) and the other two that made up my confused THREE are Brent Burns and Martin Havlat (who made appearances last year wearing Minnesota Wild sweaters). There was one Rookie Shark on the team, who is now the only Shark appearing in this weekend’s ASG activities in Ottawa, Logan Couture. Ovi did in fact have issues with a speed timer, did score the first goal of the 2011 ASG, and Team Staal did win the Super Skills competition last year. (This year you won’t see either San Jasota Shwild Player, you won’t see Ovi, and you won’t see a Team Staal.)

Other things that happened last year at the Draft: I got into the draft, went to the Super Skills Competition where I screamed my face off for Burns and Havlat (my faves on the MN team last season…still really thrilled we have them in SJ now, no matter what the circumstances), got adopted by some Canadians, met some interesting Hockey figures, got some autographs, watched @BlackSheepJim from run a 5k, and bought a ton of merch I still lovingly look at today.

NHL Mascots Warm Up For The 2011 ASG 5K in Raleigh, NC - Photo Property of A. Gist

I am not at the ASG this weekend, and that makes me sad since our very own Coach McLellan will be behind the bench in this annual exhibition game but I do believe I will survive. Since I saw Logan at last year’s ASG event I think I can survive not seeing him live in person this weekend either but believe me, I wouldn’t be mad if I happened upon some tickets……..haha! I personally would have loved to see Clowe on the All Star Roster…even Burns again. I truly believe that there are many possible All Stars on the Sharks Roster, its just a question of who can win a popularity contest. What about Thornton? I would have liked to see him on the draft stage tonight as well. I guess what I am trying to say is, I think we got shorted.

Tell me Sharks fans, if you could choose FIVE Sharks to join Coach McLellan in Ottawa this weekend at the ASG who would they be? My picks? Here you go: Clowe, Thornton, Burns, Murray, Couture.

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