The Greatest Moment in Sharks History... But Not During A Sharks Game

While All-Star Weekend is here, it also gives us hockey fans the worst thing to happen during the week. That awful awful feeling of hockey withdrawal due to the events in Ottawa this weekend. As your Blades of Teal Gameday blogger, this means I normally have nothing to write about. Alas, I will share with you the story of the greatest moment in Sharks history… that didn’t occur in a Sharks game. And it wasn’t supposed happen.

Back in 1992, the San Jose Sharks and the city were awarded the 1995 NHL All-Star Game to held at the then named San Jose Arena. Unfortunately, the first NHL lockout occurred and wiped out about half of the 1994-95 season and cancelled the All-Star Game. The league immediately awarded San Jose the 1997 game and what a weekend it was.

While the Sharks sent shocks around the hockey world with their back to back playoff upsets over division champions, they struggled the last season and a half. That being said, Team Teal had two representatives at the game. Tony Granato was a commissioner’s selection, having an amazing year despite months removed from serious brain surgery. It was the feel good story in the NHL that season. Then there was Owen Nolan. Traded from Colorado months before the ‘Lanche would win the Stanley Cup, Nolan had a hunger for doing whatever it takes to win. He can score, hit, pass, and fight. “Buster” was making his third All-Star appearance and was about to do something special in front of the hometown crowd.

The game itself was it’s usual high scoring fest, with Montreal’s Mark Recchi scoring a hat trick midway through the second period. However late in the second period, one of the most memorable performances by an All-Star on his home ice began.

For those who would like to see the actual broadcast feed, here you go.

Owen Nolan, who set an All-Star Game record by scoring the fastest two goals by one player in the second period, completed his hat trick by calling the top right corner on Buffalo Sabres goalie Dominik Hasek. It remains one of the most memorable goals in NHL history and the biggest goals scored by a Shark… but not during a Sharks game.

Enjoy Sunday’s All-Star Game everyone. Be back to the gameday blog Tuesday when Team Teal clashes with the Neon Buggers aka the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Until then, I’m Puckguy14 and let’s CHOMP TO THE CUP!

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