October 16, 2010; San Jose, CA, USA; San Jose Sharks mascot S.J. Sharkie skates around the ice before the game against the Atlanta Thrashers at HP Pavilion. Atlanta defeated San Jose 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Phil Carter-US PRESSWIRE

Its National King Shark Day!

We here at Blades of Teal pride ourselves on being a close-knit devoted group of writers! That being said, as lead writer I would like to say Happy Birthday to a very active and valuable member of our team, The King Shark

! @KingShark49 thank you for all of your hard work and devotion here at Blades of Teal and I think I speak for all of the writers and BoT readers when I say I truly hope you have had an amazing birthday! Warmest Wishes to you on your birthday from me and the staff! Oh, and try to avoid those Bacon Milkshakes unless the Sharks really need some extra luck!

Head on over to Twitter and wish @KingShark49 a very Happy Birthday and tell him how much you enjoy his articles! :-) Do like SJ Sharkie does and GET LOUD for The King Shark’s Birthday! (I wonder if Sharkie likes bacon milkshakes?)

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