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If you could say anything to the Sharks team what would you say?

Thank you.  I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember (sort of) and I’ll be a fan until the end.  Stanley Cup or not. But seriously guys, bring some hardware back one of these days.

It is no secret that we here at Blades of Teal are fans of the Sharks ourselves and the fact that we are a part of the fansided network really says it all. I wanted to start a new feature for everyone in an effort to share some really cool Sharks experiences and to allow Sharks fans everywhere to learn a little bit about the other people cheering for team teal. This is the inaugural posting of the Friday “Fintastic Featured Fan.” Without further delay I want to introduce you to a great fan of the Sharks and an occasional contributing writer here at BoT, Erik F. In his fan interview below, Erik not only shares with us some basic information about himself, he also reveals how the Sharks have played a role in both the ups and downs in his life and his journey as a San Jose Sharks Fan.

Name: Erik

Birthdate: 7/26/87

If you had a hockey nickname what would it be? Big Boy

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Current City: San Francisco, CA

Year you became a Sharks fan: ’91. Sort of.  I was only 4 in 1991 but I remember crying during a Sharks playoff loss when I was young and going to games with my buddy years ago.  I just don’t remember enough to know about or remember the history of the team but I remember watching Owen Nolan, Jeff Friesen and Artures Irbe play.   But, I guess a REAL fan since 2005, when I went to college and watched a ton of our school’s hockey games freshman year and got into the sport

Why did you become a Sharks fan? First because my friend and his dad had season tickets and loved them and second because I watched a lot of hockey in college and realized I really enjoyed it

Best Sharks experience: My whole family bought a sharks family pack a few years ago.  My mom never went to any pro sports games or events like that but ended up coming with us.  Later that year for Xmas she bought me the black Marleau shirt I wanted but couldn’t find at The Tank that night.  Mom’s no longer with us, so that shirt, and the game at which I decided I wanted it, are pretty special to me. I don’t even remember who they were playing.

Most memorable Sharks game you’ve watched or been to: The 6-5 OT game against Colorado in the 09-10 playoffs.

 Favorite Sharks player: Douglas Murray

 Favorite Hockey Player Ever: Douglas Murray

 Other team(s) you like: My good friends from college are east coast guys and love their Devils and Rangers.  Even though they’re rivals, I kind of root for them when I see their scores or see they’re doing well just because of the tie to my homies.

 Team you dislike the most: C’mon… Stanchion, anyone?  Canucks.

 Something unique about you: Hockey’s the only sport I’ve never played (competitively) that I’ve always wanted to.

 Most prized Sharks possession: Throwback bright teal jersey with Boyle, Vlasic, Wallin and Ian White’s signatures on it

 Has being a Sharks fan affected any other areas of your life? Yup. When my mom died I spent a TON of time watching and reading about the Sharks.  Sports were, are, and always will be, a wonderful distraction when other things aren’t going so well.

 Do you know how to skate? I’m sort of like Luis Mendoza.  Minus the whole speed thing.  I can get myself going but stopping is out of the question.

Do you know all the rules of hockey? Probably not all of them.  But I know enough that I now what’s going on and am never confused during a game.

Is there anything about hockey you wish you knew more about? The things you learn about a sport from years of experience playing it.

 Is there anything about the Sharks you wish you knew more about? When they’re going to win their first Stanley Cup

 If you could say anything to the Sharks team what would you say? Thank you.  I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember (sort of) and I’ll be a fan until the end.  Stanley Cup or not. But seriously guys, bring some hardware back one of these days.

If you could choose a fundraiser for the Sharks to host, what would it be and why? Hold a skills competition like in the NHL.  Have people sign up based on skill level/experience playing. (target breaking, shootout, maybe fastest shot). Hold a bunch of rounds with a prize like front row seats to a game or let the winners high five all the Sharkies in the tunnel as they come from the locker room to the ice.

 What charity would you like to see them support? A charity that helps underprivileged kids get chances to play sports.  Such a great way to teach kids about so many things while keeping them away from more potentially dangerous or harmful activities.

 If you could return any Shark who has been traded to another team BACK  to the Sharks, who would it be and why? Michalek.  The Heatley experiment didn’t exactly work out as planned.  Milan is among the league leaders in goals right now.  Who knows what sort of offseason he could end up producing on the tail end of a nice, confidence-boosting season.

 If you were coach for a day, who would you put on your starting line up?

If I were Todd McClellan or is this like a fantasy/all-star type thing?

If I were TM – Murray, Burns, McGinn, Clowe, Winchester, Nemo.  Get the big boys out there and get the game physical from the get-go.

Fantasy/All-Star – Bryzgalov, Ovechkin, Biznasty, Parros, Burns, Ryan Whitney – twitter all stars and some characters.  What a locker room that would be.

 If you could spend a day with the team, what would you want to do with them? (i.e. travel with them, play a game with them, practice with them, etc….) essentially  tell me what your Sharks Dream Day would be. I just want to be at the clinching game of their first Stanley Cup championship.  Then maaaaybe hang out with them that night during the celebration.

What do you hope to see the Sharks accomplish in the future? Short term – figure out how to score on their power play. / Longer term – knock the Canucks out of the playoffs at some point, but hopefully sooner rather than later – win the cup

 What upcoming Sharks game(s) are you most excited about and why? Whichever games I get offered free tickets to.  I watch as many on TV as I can so I guess then I like divisional games, Canucks games (“the bad news, Drew, is the Canucks scored.  Good news: there are only five sharks in the penalty box) and games against good east coast teams they rarely play (Caps, Pens, Rangers, Bruins, Flyers…)

And now ten quick questions:

Favorite Color:  Blue/Yellow/Pink

Coolest place you’ve ever been: Lisbon, Portugal

Any tattoos? Nope

Favorite TV show: Jeopardy!  Or whatever sports are on.  I guess if I had to pick one I’d pick Workaholics.

Favorite hobby: writing. playing sports

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? burritos

Fantasy Destination Vacation Location: southeast asia somewhere

Worst injury you’ve ever had: Ran into a tree when I was five.  Got 9 stitches.  Probably had concussion-like syndroms for a while but who knows.  Doctor cleared me to go back to kindergarten the next day.

If you were a Shark which position would you play? Right Wing

Pop or soda? Mostly I drink water.  If I have to indulge, then I drink beer.  But I call it soda.  Or soft drinks, really.

Part of this new feature will be polls created by the interviewed fan for the readers of BoT! The Poll will be posted on the Saturday following the Featured Fan Post! So make sure you check in with tomorrow to answer the trivia questions Erik has submitted for you!


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