BoT Gameday: Sharks @ Oilers

The San Jose Sharks woke up this morning in 11th place. For the first time since 2005-06, this team sees itself outside the top eight of the Western Conference since March 2006. Then San Jose got on a blazing run to get 99 points and finish 5th in the West. In order to go to the playoff party again, tonight must be the night to start a hot streak.

Team Teal is still winless in March. A team with this much talent and should be oozing with confidence. Instead, the power play is struggling once again and this team gets down in the dumps so quickly after a goal that it struggles to get back into the game. There’s not one person you can blame on this rut. But now you have to deal with what has happened and put it aside. Dan Boyle had a quote a couple of years in the postseason which puts it best:

15 games left, you have to think ten of those have to be wins. So teams below San Jose should be MUST WINS. Tonight it has to start, otherwise, playoff beards will not be happening in Northern California. LET’S PUCKING DO THIS…NOW!

One week from today is the #SharksTweetup at the Shark Tank. This is a gathering of Sharks fans on Twitter to meet and greet in person. With the game at 7pm, we will start up at 6pm. Join the fun!

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