BoT Humangus Beeg Gameday: Ducks @ Sharks

Well, it’s finally here. Game 72 of the season… yeah right. Tonight is the Sharks Tweetup Game! Sharks vs. Ducks at the Shark Tank. And for the Sharks, a chance to extend the winning streak to three.

Anaheim lost last night to Nashville and flew up post game, while San Jose will fly down after tonight’s game for the battle in Los Angeles tomorrow night. This starts a huge week of games that can make or break Team Teal’s playoff hopes. Currently sitting in 9th, San Jose can jump to the division lead with a victory tonight. They play the Ducks tonight, the Kings tomorrow, the defending Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins on Thursday, and Phoenix on Saturday. Eight points available and perhaps all eight might be needed.

We all know how big San Jose gets up for Detroit, well, they have to play like it’s Detroit in the playoffs from here on out. The desire, the will, the passion, the instensity are all required for the postseason to be a reality. The Sharks played great and dominated the play early but let Detroit sneak back into it (thanks to a blown interference call by the ref in the third). Martin Havlat in his second game back from his hamstring injury, scored two goals. He can be that spark plug this offense desperately needs. Everyone has to be on the same page. Everyone has to be all in. LET’S PUCKING DO THIS!

I can’t end the gameday blog without sending some puck love and Stanley Cup wishes to our fearless and limitless leader, ALH Gist on her birthday. Born and raised in the State of Hockey, huge Sharks fan (can’t stand the Red Wings) and hoping Team Teal can dominate a win! Happy birthday Amy!

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