BoT Gameday: Bruins @ Sharks

First off, apologies to all of my bloggers because of my absence on the last game. Work schedule and an untimely flu like symptoms knocked me out for the Los Angeles game. Speaking of making me sick, (nice segue) the San Jose Sharks haven’t felt so good this week losing two critical games that could’ve vaulted them into the division lead. Instead, they are 2 points out of 8th, 3 points out of first in the Pacific

Tonight is a matchup of two teams who many predicted to play for the Stanley Cup Final, while Boston had a cup hangover, came on strong since November, though streaky in the last few weeks. San Jose has been on fall with little peaks since the All-Star break and can’t catch a break to save them.

Team Teal sits at 82 points with 9 games left, leaving them a maximum total of 100. If they lose once in regulation, or twice in overtime, it will be the first time since the non playoff year of 2002-03 that this team didn’t earn 99 or more points in a season. The time is now, the time is ticking. If you can’t get jacked up for games and the will the win, then don’t bother. LET’S PUCKING DO THIS!

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