BoT Gameday: Sharks @ Ducks

it’s a world of laughter, a world or tears. It’s a world of hopes, It’s a world of fear. There’s so much that we share
that it’s time we’re aware, its a small world after all. Who knew that a ride at Disneyland could describe a hockey fan. And that is today’s Blades of Teal Gameday theme! Welcome to Hockey Disneyland!

As we head into Tomorrowland, here’s a look at the standings as we enter tonight’s action. Sharks lead division by one point. That’s the good news, however, when looking at the Haunted Mansion that are the teams on the outside looking in. Calgary is at 85 points, with Los Angeles and Colorado just two points behind San Jose.

Upon passing the renovated Matterhorn as we head into Fantasyland, if my calculations are correct, to clinch a playoff spot, San Jose needs 11 points (a combination of points lost by the 9th place team and points gained by San Jose.) To clinch a fifth consecutive Pacific Division championship, it would take 12 points, with Dallas having the maximum possible of points at 99. So Team Teal controls their own destiny. Win the remaining games, and a playoff spot, Pacific Division title, and the #3 seed (and a likely matchup with Chicago) is theirs.

In order to do that, you must seize control of the rink. Think of it like being Pirates of the Caribbean where you invade and attack at will (walking around drunk ala Johnny Depp is optional.) Shock them with a sudden onslaught like water on Splash Mountain where it will take you forever to recover from. Kind of like Joe Pavelski in his recent surge. The Big Pavelski has scored 5 goals and an assist in his last 6 games, and gives him a chance to score 30 goals for the first time in his brief NHL career.

As we get on a Star Tours Starspeeder, we look at key games tonight. Dallas is in Edmonton hoping the Oilers won’t be as slick as the freefall the Stars have been on. Los Angeles is also in Alberta tonight as they take on the Flames, in which the winner of that game will jump up into the top eight in the West. Here’s hoping they experience the Tower of Terror tonight!

So grab your teal Mickey ears, your churros, and a nice Dole Whip to go with your turkey leg, kick back, and LET’S PUCKING DO THIS!!!

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