BoT Gameday: Game 3 Blues @ Sharks

San Jose Arena. Compaq Center at San Jose. HP Pavilion at San Jose. The Shark Tank. Whatever it’s called, it has been home to 77 Stanley Cup Playoff games. It has been called the loudest arena in the NHL achieving 122 db with “only” 17,562 fans in attendance. Tonight, the playoff noise returns to the corner of West Santa Clara Street and Stanley Cup Drive.

I could go on and on about how crappy Game 2 was. But why? They played bleh and I won’t start with that own goal by Marc-Edouard Vlasic. Congrats on your first game winning playoff goal, Pickles. Nope, tonight, it’s about creating a hostile (but safe) environment.

If you have seen me on twitter ( follow me at @puckguy14 ) over the last couple of weeks I’ve made jersey icons for fans, broadcasters, and players to use. We come united, as a team… more so a battalion. We unite for a purpose… a goal. Us Finatics (for those not with the lingo, Finatics is the nickname for Sharks fans) we can’t get on the ice to help out teal and black brothers help win. But what we can do is create the most intimidating arena for a Stanley Cup playoff game. An environment that will make opponents give kudos to us and the Sharks organization for a tough place to play.

The time to show our teal passion is here. Time to dye that strand of hair teal. Time to paint that face into a shark head. Time to lose that voice by period one. It is time for us, the Teal Battalion to go into OUR Shark Tank and help be victorious! IT IS OUR DESTINY! IT IS OUR TANK! LET’S PUCKING DO THIS!

Never forget where we came from…

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