Philanthropic Sharks: Burnsies Batallion and Havlats Heroes

In the midst of all that has happened this year, I feel as if we should stay away from the negatives, and think about the positives the Sharks’ Organization have accomplished this year. Especially in the field of philanthropy. It’s time to focus on the little things us Sharks’ Fans might not know much about but can help make a big difference in. So, who are those loud guys in the suites, how did they get to become Burnsies’ Battalion and Havlat’s Heroes?!

At this point in being a Sharks’ fan, hopefully you got to experience at least one the various amazing charity drives the Sharks’ Foundation holds each year. In addition to the organization, as professional athletes, it is important that they give back to the community, on their own. No one in the Sharks’ team gives back as much as the dynamic duo that came from the Minnesota Wilds.

Burnsies’ Battalion:
NHL defensive all-star, Brent Burns, is a huge spokesman for an organization called Defending The Blue Line (DTBL). As an organization, they help the children of armed service members by providing them with sticks, skates, and various equipments. They allow these kids to play in a safe environment, learn the game of hockey, and develop various life skills. DTBL is an approved non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.

During the 2011-2012 season, Brent Burns leased out an entire suite and donated all the tickets to the men and women of the armed services and their families. With Burns’ donations, it allowed for military families to enjoy an outing together that they might not have been able to before.

It’s an easy thing to give back to them. [...] Hopefully, whether it’s a mom or dad bringing the family out, or a brother or sister, just to get their mind away from what they’re going through and [have] a fun night away and come meet some hockey guys.

– Brent Burns

Havlat’s Heroes:
Czech native and Olympian, Martin Havlat, is also a huge philanthropist on his own. Although he is not tied down to an organization, he often heads charity events to help the local community (yes, he helped the Bay Area community out) with fundraisers and events. This year, he too leased an entire suite. The tickets were all donated to various organizations that support people are underprivileged or those with serious illnesses.

It’s great to give kids who normally would not be able to come to games a chance to see us play. I always enjoy looking up and seeing a full suite of people enjoying themselves.

– Martin Havlat

The NHL has done an amazing job with giving back to the community. Not only are the players constantly giving back, but they even fight the battles that other people do not dare, such as their If You Can Play, You Can Play movement.

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Editor’s Note: A series on The You Can Play Project including interviews with Tommy Wingels and Patrick Burke can be found on Blades Of Teal!

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