"Believe" by Bleed Teal San Jose

Contest: Tell Us Your Traditions!

In the last Roundtable, we heard the traditions and superstitions of the BoT writing staff.  Well now I want to hand the pen over to our readers, and let you share your stories.  As an incentive, and because I know people love free stuff, I’m putting this in the form of a contest!  The best entry will receive a “Believe” shirt from Bleed Teal San Jose, purchased with money out of my very own pocket.

"Believe" by Bleed Teal San Jose

Why this shirt?  Because it’s important to keep the faith and show that you BELIEVE in the Sharks, even when they’re down and out.  Here’s how to enter:

- Send us your Sharks traditions, superstitions and/or rituals.
- Submissions can be posted as a comment on this blog, or emailed to Gordon ([email protected]).
- Entries received by 11:59PM Pacific on Friday 5/18 will be eligible.
- The winner, as selected by BoT staff, will be announced and contacted on Monday 5/20.

So get writing, because now it’s our time to listen to you!  Thank you for all your continued year-round support!

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  • GloriaForGold

    Traditions- I usually head up to SJ for a game about 3 times in a season. About an hour into the drive we pass a certain check point and pull over to change into our sharks gear, get out war paint on, and place the team flags on every window. 
    Rituals- The night before an away game I usually shower with my TEAL Neutrogena soap for that extra luck on foreign ice. The soft, moisturized skin is just a plus.
    Superstitions- In 2009, I tripped my way into the HP Pavillion due to a sprained left ankle. We lost that night.. Now every time i attend a home game, I enter the tank with my right foot.