Improving your Hockey IQ: The Gordie Howe Hat Trick

So initially, I thought I could do an interview every week on Tuesday. If I was able to pull that off, it would have been quite a feat for Blades of Teal. Unfortunately, this week, I will educate you more about the game that we all love to play, because I could not squeeze together an interview and have it ready for posting today. So, as an alternative, I will be talking about what we all love… GOALS, ASSISTS, and FIGHTS FIGHTS FIGHTS also known as, the Gordie Howe Hat Trick (GHHT)!

The GHHT is probably one of those stats that us fans dream about witnessing even though it does not mean squat for the players other than 1 goal, 1 Assist, and 5 Penalty in Minutes on their stats card. For the fans, that’s what really shows us the passion behind those players. To score a goal, aid in a goal, and fight for your team, means you want it, and you want it bad.

Did you know, however, that Gordie Howe only scored his own hat trick, twice? It was just named after him because of his amazing scoring abilities, and his willingness to fight. So who is the overall leader of this “statistic”?

Top 5 Gordie Howe Hat Trick Leaders in the NHL




Career Games Played

Career Points

Career PIMs

Number of GHHTs


Stan Mikita

Chicago Blackhawks

1394 (155)

1467 (150)

1270 (169)



Ted Lindsay

Detroit Redwings
Chicago Blackhawks

1068 (133)

851 (96)

1808 (194)



Brendan Shanahan

New Jersey Devils
St. Louis Blues
Hartford Whalers
Detroit Red Wings
New York Rangers

1524 (184)

1354 (134)

2489 (280)



Rick Tocchet

Philadelphia Flyers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Los Angeles Kings
Boston Bruins
Washington Capitals
Phoenix Coyotes

1144 (145)

952 (112)

2972 (471)



Brian Sutter

St. Louis Blues

779 (65)

636 (42)

1786 (249)



Gordie Howe

Detroit Red Wings
Hartford Whalers

1767 (157)

1850 (160)

1685 (220)


* Statistics are shown using this format: Regular Season (Playoffs)

The leader of the Gordie Howe Hat Trick that still currently plays belongs to Jarome Igninla at 9. And, for the first time, in recorded history, your San Jose Sharks is the only team that has a double Gordie Howe Hat Trick from two separate players of the same team, in one game. It happened on April 5, 2012. Joe Thornton and Ryane Clowe both recorded one. Ah, what a game that was!

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