May 30, 2012; Newark, NJ, USA; New Jersey Devils left wing Ilya Kovalchuk (17) warms up before game one of the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals against the Los Angeles Kings at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

BoT Roundtable - Cup Final Predictions

On paper, it would seem that no Sharks fan should want the Kings to beat the Devils and claim the Stanley Cup.  I know that not all fans think alike, so this week I asked our writers to voice in their preference:

Who should win the Cup this year, and why?

I’m going to go with the LA Kings. I feel the Kings out of all 16 teams that have played in this post season have brought their best game to the rink in each of the 14 games they have played thus far. This team is uniquely focused and has had the best approach to these playoffs likely because of their seeding. From April 8th on, the Kings realized two things. 1) They are “in”, and 2) They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. No matter what happens here, the Kings will come away from this as the new power in the Western Conference for years to come. The Devils will NOT be easy, however the Kings I feel have a size and quickness advantage (not referring to the Kings goalie). In the end, that may be the one thing New Jersey won’t be able to overcome. No disrespect to the Devils whatsoever, because both teams have a good argument for the Cup. To me, the Kings are the team who will be most likely the one who comes away with the Cup. Whomever wins out however, that team will certainly have earned it albeit the Devils or Kings.

I’m gonna have to say if the series goes to 7 games it’s going to be the Devils. 6 or less I have to give it to LA. Over a full 7 game series I believe Brodeur and Co know how to win in crunch time and are good enough to get it done. But in a shorter series, I think the Kings are better equipped to give NJ all kinds of problems. Gonna be interesting to see how it all shakes out, but I am still pulling for NJ. #BEATLA

Kings in five no question. I would like them to sweep it in four….but only because I quite possibly may be at game four. That being said, I think the Devils are going to be absolutely gassed after the first two periods against the Kings. LA is a team full of big guys who can skate and then some. I think the Devils are up against an opponent that can definitely take them out. While I have a ton of respect for Brodeur I believe Quick simply has an edge on him and if it comes down to a tendy battle (which will be a major factor but not the whole show) I would expect Quick to have the upper hand. I’m expecting this series to be an intense and well fought battle.

Who should win? Kings… Who will win? Kings… For the first time in I don’t even know how long, an 8th place team beat a 1st, then a 2nd, then a 3rd place team to make it to the Cup. However, don’t count the Devils out without a fight. Brodeur and company is in it to win it. Whether or not they’ll be tired is a different story. But everyone should be tired with a 2500 mile flight between games.

Kings in 7. They’re too deep and have too much talent for the Devils. The only hope NJ has is if their stars continue to shine and everyone gives it their all for Marty to get one more, but I just don’t see it. Those trade rumors earlier in the season are a distant memory, Brown for Conn Smythe.  The Hockey Gods will smile, Bettman’s CA dream will be fulfilled, and Lord Stanley will be in LA in June.

Let me put it this way: this has been a long time coming for both teams.  The Devils were the 8th worst team last season, and only because of their near-heroic blast from the bottom at the end of the season that landed them just outside the playoffs.  You could count this year as a continuation of that comeback, and that makes them getting into the Final quite an accomplishment.  The Kings on the other hand have had a rollercoaster season.  If someone had said at the break that they would be in the Final this season, I would recommend they seek mental help.  What Sutter has done in resolidifying that club is nothing short of magical.  Because of that, I want the Kings to take it in five games.  The only reason I really want the Devils to win is because of Brodeur.  He’s 40 years old, and on the last year of his contract.  Whereas there is no denying that the man is still a superstar goalie, winning another Cup could just be something to retire on, and I think he’s earned just that.

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