Oct 22, 2011; Ottawa, ON, CAN; Columbus Blue Jackets right wing Rick Nash (61) speaks to the media following game against Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place. The Senators defeated the Blue Jackets 4-3. Mandatory Credit: Marc DesRosiers-US PRESSWIRE

Will Nash's Fire Burn Out?

I hate to keep commenting on Rick Nash, but after a brief conversation yesterday with some other hockey minded people, I felt I wanted to throw in my take on the current Nash siatuation. Here’s the quick and dirty. It’s no secret that Nash has been carrying the Blue Jackets now for quite some time, and while they didn’t find success as a team, individually the guy stands out as being on fire. He manages to shine in a bleak situation. That being said, you know the guy has to be getting burned out. Nobody wants to be single handedly responsible for carrying a workload, of any kind. My fear for any team, including the Sharks, who stands to potentially gain the superstar that is Rick Nash, is that they won’t actually get the Rick Nash they all see now. I think they will get a version of Nash, who, while still good, isn’t as effective. I think he will realize he can actually go into playing a solid role for a team, not being a one man powerhouse any longer.

I could see him taking a few months to just relax into a new team and not push as hard as he has been. Let’s be honest, sometimes we need breaks, and we need other people to carry us from time to time. I think Nash is looking for a solid team he can fit into, take a few deep breaths for once, and play a solid, yet not so demanding role. Now, will his crazy awesome work ethic allow him to back down for a few minutes when and if he gets traded? Maybe. I for one think he needs and deserves a chance to slow it down for a little while as long as he  brings it full on when he’s needed. I guess we’ll know how this all plays out within the next few months. Just don’t be surprised if Nash’s stats take a bit of a dip at the beginning of the regular season, and be aware that he’s been killing himself for a drowning team. If San Jose is his life boat, let’s give him some water and let him recover before throwing him back into the ocean.


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