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BoT Roundtable - The Big Picture

It is my belief that over time, a person grows from being a team fan to being a league fan.  It’s only natural, your favorite player gets traded, and in continuing to watch them you start keeping tabs on another team.  Even watching the goings on of a rival over time will give you a broader view of the league.  Since our writers are no exception to this, here’s what I asked them:

What team other than the Sharks are you keeping track of this summer?

I’m going to be semi-following a couple of teams. First being the Edmonton Oilers. They have so many young guns right now, I want to see what they can do to really get that team going. Secondly, Boston Bruins, with Thomas wanting to take a year off, what are they doing to do? Finally, the Canucks. They were the top team going into playoffs, they ended up losing to the 8th place Kings, what are they going to do to revamp this team?!

The Leafs for sure, curious to see how involved they will be in the Rick Nash deal.

Aside from the Sharks, honestly I do my best to keep up with all 30 NHL teams. Especially now with the free agency period opening up July 1st and the trading to resume after the
Stanley Cup Finals conclude…

I try to keep track of most teams in the summer time. I constantly listen to NHL home ice and have NHL network on when I can. I like to see how teams are shifting players and strategies. I have a bit of a harder time keeping up with the Eastern Conference but definitely try to do my best!

First and foremost I always have my eye on the Red Wings.  Partially because I’m a closet fan, but mostly because I’m interested to see how they deal with losing Lidström.  After that I try to keep an eye on the Oilers since they seem to have so much potential and room for growth (I also watched NHLN’s Oil Change this season).  Lastly the Kings will be on my radar; no surprise that they’ll have to shed players in the wake of winning the Cup, so I’m interested to see who will make the cut.

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