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Now that the season is officially over, and the bandwagoners have returned to their proper caravans, the rest of us can take a break and track our other sports interests.  Just this week, ESPN alone has been going nuts with the NBA Playoffs, the US Open, MLB All-Star Game, Euro 2012 and the NFL gearing up.  So now sounded like a good time to ask the writers this:

Are there any other sports you follow besides Hockey?

Of the 12 months on the calendar, July is the one that I hate the most.  Baseball’s in it’s doldrums and none of the other major sports are in session.  That is, until July 27th, which marks the first of NFL Training camp openings.  The only thing I don’t like about football season is that it overlaps with hockey season.  To quote Bart Scott, “Can’t wait!”

See, this wouldn’t be an issue if RHI still existed! While I date myself to 1994, RHI stood for Roller Hockey International. In its hay day, the league had 24 teams, 6 in California and 3 here in Northern California: Oakland Skates, Sacramento River Rats, and the San Jose Rhinos.
The Rhinos won the first professional championship in San Jose sports history in 1995, defeating the Montreal Roadrunners. The league went away in the late 90’s due to lack of interest in the game and rollerblades.
Nowadays, until the NFL starts, I’ll follow the Earthquakes and when I can, I’ll watch the Canadian Football League.  A unique twist to a well known sport. Go Saskatchewan Roughriders!

I try to keep up on the latest stuff going on in the MLB, NFL and NBA in general because I like to be informed. But I follow the Giants closely and I’ve paid attention to the 49ers for a long time but it was difficult to watch the last 6ish years. But last year was a lot of fun and this season is shaping up to be an amazing season for my 3 teams.

My sports knowledge isn’t limited whatsoever…but I really only truly love Hockey and I have a fling with baseball every couple of years or so…I end up going to sporting events of all kinds through a charity I work with called Operation Care and Comfort (If you are a season ticket holder and would like to donate event tickets to troops at home please go to www.occ-usa.org to find out how! You can also donate goods or time to help put together care packages for troops overseas!) Ok, charity plug over haha! But seriously, I like to experience all kinds of events. I will be doing media work at the NASCAR race in Sonoma at the end of June and will attend my first MLS Earthquakes game as well. I am really not  soccer fan but maybe I can learn to tolerate it…sort of like football, which I can stomach but don’t really care for. I like MMA fighting and I think Rugby is fun every once in awhile!

I follow the 49ers, been a lifelong fan going back to the days of John Brodie (dating myself here), about since age six. Huge NFL fan. I also watch baseball, no real favorates though I tend to watch Giants, D-backs, Angels games… Have Padres games when I need to cure some insomia. NBA, will follow Sacramento Kings though the interest is causual at best…

I follow a few other sports. I’m a huge NFL fan of the 49ers, I even got season tickets last year, and what a year to get them. Football is nice and easy to follow. One game a week. Other sports I follow are the Giants for baseball, Earthquakes for MLS, and Warriors (minimally) for basketball.

I’m so happy that the UEFA Euro 2012 has started, it’s something that I’ve been looking forward to since I missed most of the Champions League this year.  I’m bummed that it looks like the Italian squad is not going to advance to the next round, but its still it’s turning out to be a great tournament.  I’ve been attempting to keep a closer eye on the UEFA and FIFA leagues since the last World Cup.  I love how similar it is to hockey both in pace, skill and fandom.

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